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US Internship

In the year 2008, 12 of our students were sponsored for an Internship in the US at some of the major retail chains there like McDonald's and Winn Dixie Stores.

This year 18 of our students are placed for their Summer Internship in USA. They are located at four beautiful tourist spots at Destin, Myrtle Beach, Foley and Nagshead. Most of them have been awarded with Reward Certificates for good performance on the job. Our accolades to them.

Names Location Names Location
Pushpal Maity Destin Vineet Sharma Myrtle Beach
Surender Singh Destin Jitendra Rathod Myrtle Beach
Raghavendra Singh Destin Binesh Nair Myrtle Beach
Sameer Saraf Destin Garima Verma Nagshead
Julzer Paperwala Foley Subhralini Mahapatra Nagshead
Omkar Shetkar Foley Prachi Baxi Nagshead
Ashish Shukla Foley Bandana Das Nagshead
Ajit Singh Sodha Foley Rohit Jain Nagshead
    Hemant Yede Nagshead
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